MSI vs Gigabyte – Who Sells the Best Motherboard?


This is indeed a battle of the titans! MSI and Gigabyte are legends when it comes to motherboards, and that’s why the question about which one’s better is hard. However, we will do our best to compare them and give you the facts so that you choose the best based on your needs. 

There are two main factors that come into the picture while choosing motherboards. They are performance and budget. But what’s more important is your processor. We never advise that you select a motherboard and then choose a processor. It is always the other way round because the performance of the entire system mostly depends on the processor. 

Now, let’s discuss MSI and Gigabyte. These motherboard manufacturing giants offer a great range of products that will entice any computer geek. But overall, which one wins the battle? Let’s enter the battleground to find out.

A brief about MSI

MSI is so popular that every computer enthusiast knows about it. Right from the beginning, MSI has done very well in ensuring great quality products despite producing many varieties, including GPUs and pre-built computers. What we absolutely love about MSI is the huge range of products they have when it comes to budget. From high-end to affordable, MSI satisfies all pockets.

The pros

  1. Covers a wide range of prices
  2. Excellent RGB software
  3. In recent years, we saw a few amazing lines of products

MSI Motherboard


The cons

  1. Very slow BIOS updates

A brief about Gigabyte

Gigabyte is almost just as popular as MSI, but it doesn’t have multiple product lines. It mostly focuses on motherboards and GPUs. Their motherboards have been well-received in the recent past because they are versatile. They produce excellent products for AMD and Intel.  And, like MSI, they have motherboards in the affordable range and the high-end spectrum.

The pros

  1. Excellent line-up
  2. Produce AMD and Intel
  3. Value for money
  4. Satisfies all budgets

The cons

  1. Customer support has often been disappointing
  2. A few line-ups have failed to impress

MSI vs Gigabyte – Who’s the hero?

Despite their pros and cons, MSI and Gigabyte are international leaders with great standards. So no matter which one you choose, we are positive you will be satisfied. If you are hellbent on making a decision right now, though, we suggest you choose MSI. This is because it has a better track record even, though it had a few disappointing lines  (X570) recently. Overall, their quality remains on top.

We hope this article has helped you find an answer and zero in on a winner in the great MSI vs Gigabyte battle. If you have any more doubts, please do not hesitate to comment. 

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