Motherboard Failure Causes – Know Signs of Bad Motherboard

Motherboard Failure Causes

A Motherboard is considered to be the heart of the computer. It is mainly due to the fact that all the components interact with the computer through this group of circuit boards. And just as it is with our hearts, the computer’s heart also needs to be protected to make it run longer. These groups of boards tend to stop working overtime due to various reasons. In this article, we will get to know about causes for board failure and the signs of a bad motherboard.

Symptoms of Motherboard Failure

There are a few signs which indicate that a part of your system has failed or is about to fail. Below mentioned are a few cases in which you might need to look out for the board to ensure that it is not the problem with your machine.

How to tell if the motherboard is bad?

  • The board in your system doesn’t recognize the peripherals connected to it.
  • If the hardware devices connected to your group of boards stop working for a few seconds or longer.
  • If your system takes time to boot up.
  • The computer doesn’t recognize flash drives.
  • Strange lines have started to appear on your monitor.
  • If your computer won’t pass the POST (Power On Self Test).
  • If you notice a burning smell or burn marks on the board.
  • Signs of capacitor trouble- bulging capacitors or leaking capacitors.

Now that you are aware of the bad motherboard symptoms, let me also tell you that these signs don’t necessarily mean that your board is failing or has already failed. The case with board failure is that you need to verify that it is the group of boards that have failed and not the components connected to it. You might need to test the components by connecting it to some other system to make sure that those are working fine. Only then can it be claimed that your group of boards is the main problem. If that is the case, then it will probably dig a hole in your pocket as replacing or repairing a motherboard is quite an expensive procedure. Hence, it is advised that you take proper care of your system and the board in it. 

Motherboard Failure Causes

Now, let me take you through a few causes of motherboard failure. You might need to take these causes into consideration to preserve your board for a little longer. To help you out, we have also added a few measures that can protect your group of boards against these common causes.

  • Electrical Spikes and Surges 

Electrical Spikes and Surges 

Generally speaking, a sudden burst of energy for a short period of time is considered as Electrical spikes. It can be due to problems with wiring or power service, or sometimes even a lightning strike. This unanticipated change in current can damage the delicate circuits in a motherboard. You can use a high-quality surge protector to safeguard the board from spikes. Unfortunately, you are helpless to protect it against lightning strikes.

  • Overheating  Overheating  

Dust and other particles from the surrounding tend to be caught up in the rotating fan. This hair and dust form a clog inside the computer components and block the airflow in your system. It can also happen if you place your laptop in your lap or some soft surface that won’t allow for proper air circulation. This eventually leads to problems of overheating in the device and can be a cause of motherboard malfunction. However, you can always protect your system by getting it cleaned every once in a while and handling it in such a way that it gets proper air circulation

  • Accidental Impact or Spill 

Accidental Impact or Spill

It is often observed that people tend to manhandle their laptops while traveling and carrying it around. Any sudden impact or drop can cause the parts of your system to fail and the motherboard is no different for that to happen. Also sometimes an accidental spillage of liquid can make your motherboard go bad. If you happen to find in a similar case it is advised to not turn it ON again and get it to a certified professional immediately. Also, make sure that you use proper impact safe bags to carry your laptops around so that it can be protected from machine failure.

  • Normal Wear and Tear

Normal Wear and Tear

Similar to any electrical device, your system is also prone to failure eventually. The motherboard will stop working unless some other component does first. After it has served for its helpful life span it will fail and you will have to replace it or replace your computer. The only thing you can do about it is to get to know the early signs of failure and protect it from them.

Final Thoughts

Motherboards have a finite lifetime and it’s necessary to protect it from daily damages to make sure it lasts longer and works fine. This article will help you to recognize those initial signs of failure and you can follow the measures mentioned above to pamper your motherboard to live longer.

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