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How to repair a RAM slot on the motherboard – Easy to understand steps

How to repair a RAM slot on the motherboard

RAM slot or the memory slot on the motherboard is where your RAM card goes. It is commonly called temporary memory and is extremely important. If there’s a concern and your computer is unable to read the memory, the slot is probably faulty. 

The RAM slot, much like everything else on a motherboard, can be broken. None of the parts is indestructible. So, if the RAM is broken, you have to fix or replace it immediately. Thankfully, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

How to repair a RAM slot on the motherboard

Before you proceed to repair, you should be sure that the problem is really with the slot. Many a time the card is at fault and people don’t realize it until much later. Don’t make that mistake! 

  1. Turn your system off and unplug everything. 
  2. Open the casing of the computer. If you are doing this for the first time, use the manual to do it right. There may be specific instructions that you should follow.
  3. Find the RAM slot and carefully remove the card. You will need to use both your hands to unlock the card and to pull it away. Be gentle yet firm. 
  4. Check the card for damage and remove all the dust. Clean the slot as well. 
  5. Replace everything and switch the computer on.

More often than not, this simple process will solve your problem. If the computer does not boot, follow the same steps above and then place the card in another memory slot. If it works, the slot needs to be changed.

Can the RAM slot be replaced?RAM slot

Yes, it can. You can buy another RAM slot and replace the damaged one but please bear in mind that this is a very long process that involves soldering. Also, there are many parts that might be affected if you don’t do it properly. This will cost you dearly and that is why it is best avoided.

Only those who have soldering and replacement knowledge should try to replace the RAM slot. If you aren’t confident about it, the safest thing to do would be to trust a professional. It usually costs dearly to do this, which is why buying a whole new motherboard could be better. The choice ultimately is on you.


We are now going to answer a few common questions about RAMs and RAM slots.

1) What causes a RAM slot to go bad?

It is usually because of dust accumulation. Another common reason is damaged pins in the CPU’s socket. 

You might also want to check the BIOS settings. If you are lucky, a change in settings could resolve your problem.

2) Can a computer run without RAM?

Absolutely not. This is because the BIOS loads into the RAM when you start the computer. Thus, if the RAM slot is damaged, you won’t be able to use your entire computer until you fix it. 

3) Can I put RAM in any slot?

RAM will only work in its designated slot. If you have multiple RAM slots, you should get a RAM that corresponds to the slot you want to use. If you are buying 2 RAMs, they should both match. This will ensure 100% efficiency.

4) What happens if I put RAM in the wrong slot?

Depending on the type of RAM, it may still work but the performance won’t be great. 

5) Can you use 2 different brands of RAM?

Yes, you can. Their form factor has to be the same though. This means that both should be DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4. One can’t be DDR3 when the other is DDR2. 

We hope this article has answered your questions and provided all the details you were looking for. If you need any additional help, please reach out to us. 

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